Cash Cow

Transforming the way we give

Fast. Convenient. Secure.

Rent a Cash Cow for a dollar a day, accept contactless payments via card or phone and liberate your supporters of the coinage conundrum.

The Cash Cow is fully mobile and operates completely unattended. Your supporters can give $3 instantly while you work the crowd.  

We work away in the background, partnered with Nayax to process transactions securely and reliably.

Street Performing to Fundraising

Any application with fixed offers, whether you're there to sell or leaving the Cash Cow unattended.

Benefits of the Cash Cow

  • Only 22% of transactions involve coins or notes. By accepting contactless and smartphone payments, you open up new avenues for supporters to contribute, leading to higher earnings for your effort.

  • We partner with Nayax to meet the highest industry standards and ensure the safety of all parties. Nayax is PCI DSS 3.2 certified and adheres to GDPR standards, EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass and Visa payWave.

  • Carry the Cash Cow with you wherever you go, ideal for fundraising events, street performances, or community gatherings. The Cash Cow uses 4G Technology to process payments quickly and wirelessly. On board battery will last the whole show.

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