Cash Cow


No Spare Change, No Problem

Rent a Cash Cow cashless device and accept $3 donations via all major forms of electronic payments. Perfect for charitable donations and street artists.

The Cash Cow is a revolutionary system to collect donations or receive payments wherever you go, without the need for loose change. Our portable cashless device is designed to make fundraising and busking hassle-free and more efficient than ever before.

With ready to go, fixed price $3 payments, theres no button pressing or faffing about. Simply turn on the Cash Cow and set it down.

Key Features:

  1. We process the payments, accepting Contactless and Smartphone Payments: Whether your donors or audience members prefer contactless cards or smartphone payments, the Cash Cow supports both, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.
  2. Fixed $3 Donation Amount: Cash Cow has a fixed donation amount of $3, making it easy for people to contribute without having to decide on an amount.
  3. Portable and Rechargeable: Carry the Cash Cow with you wherever you go, ideal for fundraising events, street performances, or community gatherings. The Cash Cow uses 4G Technology to process payments quickly and wirelessly.
  4. Easy Rental Options: Rent our device for your fundraising or busking activities, allowing you to focus on your cause or performance while we take care of the payment collection.
  5. Data and Payments: We are in the early stages of our operation and real time reporting is on its way. For now you can enjoy weekly reporting and weekly payments of your collected donations. 
  6. Low Fees: Our rental rates are low and deposit free so we need to charge a transaction fee for each payment. See How It Works for Payout Information and more.
  7. Safe and Secure: We partner with Nayax to meet the highest industry standards and ensure the safety of all parties. Nayax is PCI DSS 3.2 certified and adheres to GDPR standards, EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass and Visa payWave.

Why Choose Cash Cow?

  • Increase Donations: By accepting contactless and smartphone payments, you open up new avenues for people to contribute, leading to higher earnings for your effort.
  • Enhance Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of handling cash and dealing with loose change. Our device simplifies the payment process for both you and your supporters.
  • Go Digital: Embrace the digital era of fundraising and performing, attracting the modern audience and enhancing your overall impact. See How it Works for which payment methods are supported (Its all of them!

Rent a Cash Cow today and take your fundraising or performance efforts to the next level.

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